67 of the best of E-invoicing and AP automation news items in November and December 2013

Sure enough, 2013 was a busy year when it comes to e-invoicing and invoice automation. And last November and December were the busiest months of 2013. With over 40 posts per month each. Underneath is a wrap-up of the best of e-invoicing an invoice automation, categorised under: headlines, product information, customer cases, webinars and whitepapers.

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  1. Preventing fraud using e-Invoicing and strict internal controls
  2. Argentina AFIP Mandates Factura MTX E-Invoicing Effective 1 January 2014
  3. EESPA elects Esa Thilia and Charles Bryant as co-chairs up until 2016
  4. EDPS: privacy in the EU proposal for electronic invoicing in public procurement?
  5. The EU E-invoicing Forum reports are final. And these are the 32! recommendations
  6. Combatting fraud and increasing security with the Brazilian ‘Receiver Respons’
  7. Brazilian Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) Version 3 gets the go ahead
  8. How E-invoicing Saves 160 Tons of Paper and 700 Million Dollar in the Aviation Industry
  9. Introducing: the Ocean Freight Industry E-invoicing Standards Advisory Board
  10. The status on Spanish E-Invoicing - A Step Closer to Paperless Administration
  11. Portugal mandates use of certified electronic invoicing software
  12. Faulty E-billing and E-invoicing Erodes Customer Trust and even Business Viability
  13. Deadline for Brazilian Carriers to issue Electronic Invoice Expired

Product Information

  1. InvoiceSharing connects with SimplerInvoicing to stimulate e-invoicing
  2. GXS to Host Members of Parliament, discussing Competitiveness of UK SMEs
  3. Basware Collects Green Supply Chain Award for the Fourth Consecutive Year
  4. Itella Information is now OpusCapita!
  5. JP Morgan shuts down Xign; Tradeshift offers better dynamic discounting alternative
  6. Invoiceware International Releases SAP E-Invoicing Inbound Receiving and Accounts Payable Solution for Mexico Electronic Invoicing
  7. Invoiceware International Updates LATAM SAP E-Invoicing Solutions for 2014 Brazil Nota Fiscal
  8. Top Image Systems Wins Contract Worth $345,000 with Major European Government Office
  9. UnifiedPost highlights benefits of dematerialisation for Fedil - Business Federation Luxembourg
  10. OB10, AMEXIPAC (the Mexican association for service providers) and the CFDI Deadline
  11. Top Image Systems to process 95000 invoices for Automotive Firm
  12. OpenText buys GXS for USD 1.165 billion! These are the financial and business details
  13. Formpipe builds payment module for the Danish Business Authority
  14. Basware and B2Boost cooperate to open up e-invoicing in the Belgian media sector
  15. 90% of Fortune 500 misunderstand Mexican Mandatory CFDI E-invoicing
  16. GXS Powers 100% of the Asian Pacific Top Supply Chains
  17. Basware provides catalog management and supplier onboarding to Swedish automotive manufacturer
  18. OB10 and Digital Planet team up to provide mandatory compliant e-invoicing in Turkey
  19. Some of the deals that are now part of the Tungsten group
  20. Descartes acquires Compudata, a Swiss B2B supply chain integration and e-invoicing provider for USD 17.9mln
  21. CloudTrade becomes a partner of the E-invoicing Platform
  22. The failure points in the traditional NFe on-premise einvoicing architectures
  23. 10 trends for B2B commerce in 2014 according to Basware
  24. eBillingHub Launches Benchmarking and AnalyticsTool for Law Firm Performance
  25. UK Business is broken. Tradeshift knows how to fix it. And not just for the UK
  26. EDICOMData – the first Aggregator certified by GS1 for the TSD network
  27. InvoiceSharing Makes Electronic Invoicing 100% Free and Premium. Guaranteed!
  28. The Ariba Network is Getting Bigger and Bigger, and More Global
  29. Basware makes ‘opt-out’ as default via ‘E-invoicing Switchover’
  30. Top 5 Reasons to use Brazil NF-e 3.1 with Managed Services in stead of On-Premise Solutions
  31. Tradeshift dives into Oracle: Gold Partnership and Oracle Business Suite Connector
  32. Jewelry company and hospital choose Basware, covering over 2.5 million invoices
  33. TIS eFLOW5 INVOICE selected by APAC Textile manufacturer for AP streamline and automation

Customer cases

  1. Coolblue Selects Top Image Systems for AP Automation of 80.000 invoices
  2. Basware’s Alusta powers AP automation AND e-invoicing for over 2 million hospital invoices
  3. Lambeth Council highly commended for best AP/AR Solution [Case study]
  4. Coca-Cola Partners with GXS to Collaborate with Major Foodstore Customers [Case study]
  5. RICOH Facilitates Global Invoice Automation for Booking.com
  6. Barry Callebaut selects Anachron for a global hybrid e-Invoicing solution connected to SAP
  7. Cegedim helps ALD Automotive to switch to electronic invoicing
  8. OB10 helps Office Depot to win new customers, productivity and improve cash management
  9. Setting up Purchase to Pay to hit 90% touchless processing - The Imperial College story
  10. Philips goes green with electronic invoicing [Case Study]
  11. Is it worth to implement e-invoices and invoice automation in Poland? A case study
  12. Invoiceware International to Manage E-Invoicing for Brazil Nota Fiscal and Mexico CFDI for Kellogg
  13. Brand Energy increases savings and profitability with invoice automation [Case Study]
  14. RICOH helps Miami Marlins save cost through invoice processing

Webinars / video

  1. Tradeshift: The Future of the Platform
  2. International Mondelez success story for supply chain

Whitepapers / studies / surveys

  1. GXS Launches Free Ebook on the Fundamentals of EDI
  2. Invoice Exceptions: it doesn’t have to be this way [infographic]
  3. Driving performance in accounts payable [whitepaper]
  4. EDI Remains the Workhorse of the Supply Chain according to new study
  5. Mobile Bill Payment Use Doubled to 16 million US Households in just one year! [survey]



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