OB10 helps Office Depot to win new customers, productivity and improve cash management

November 15, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

OB10 helps Office Depot to win new customers, productivity and improve cash managementAs part of its e-business strategy and because of operating in a highly competitive market, Office Depot is looking for every advantage to sharpen its pitches for new business, and e-Invoicing makes a difference to potential customers. With e-Invoicing it can now boost its online services, increases productivity and improves its buyers’ cost efficiencies. Office Depot Europe now sends invoices to 27 customers in 13 countries through OB10.

The rationale behind choosing OB10

“More and more of our major customers receive invoices through OB10,” says Ellen Tosserams, e-Business Specialist Europe at Office Depot Europe. “Many begin their OB10 e-Invoicing initiatives with us because of the high number of orders we receive and our successful e-Procurement implementations.”

The company’s e-Invoicing capabilities improve its new-business results. “About 40% of our RFPs enquire about e-Invoicing and many ask if we are connected to OB10. Being part of the network is an advantage.”

Automated invoice validation also improves cash management and visibility, and reduces rejected invoices. “Our goal is to send more invoices electronically,” says Ellen.” And now that OB10 is part of Tungsten Corporation, we’re excited about the opportunities the new organisation can offer.”


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