Billtrust and OB10 enter into a contract

Billtrust, a provider of outsourced billing services, and OB10, the e-invoicing network, have partnered to offer business-to-business billers a solution for easily and cost-effectively connecting to the OB10 network. In this collaboration, Billtrust customers can seamlessly deliver their invoices directly to the OB10 network, enabling them to satisfy their customers’ desire to receive electronic invoices directly into their financial system.

Advantages of working together

This advanced integration provides efficiency for both accounts receivable and accounts payable departments. It also eliminates costly manual paper processing and enables identification of exceptions immediately upon invoice receipt. Billtrust and OB10 are pleased to have joined hands and explain the motivation behind the decision:

  • Billtrust CEO Flint Lane:

“Our customers are seeing a significant increase in the number of requests from their customers to join third-party e-invoicing networks. Since each of these networks has different standards and protocols, it is often a challenge for them to satisfy.”

“Much of this demand is being driven from customers on the OB10 network, and we’re thrilled to be working with the OB10 team to streamline this process.”

  • Paul Frederick, President of OB10:

“Billtrust is an extremely innovative company that offers billers a unique solution for delivering invoices through a variety of channels.”

“Providing their customers with an easy access point to connect to OB10 is a win-win for Billtrust and OB10 customers.”

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