OB10 Express Payments improves companies’ cash flow

Saying that the economy isn’t doing all that well might be the stalest news of the century. But it still is reality. It’s not for nothing that Prime Minister David Cameron has come to an agreement with large UK organisations this week to consider or continue helping their suppliers’ cash flow through supply chain finance. OB10 immediately seized the opportunity by launching OB10 Express Payments, a supply chain finance service that allows organisations to receive payment on approved invoices within three days.

E-invoicing to the rescue

SMEs have to do a whole lot of waiting. £35 billion worth of waiting in the UK, for instance. No wonder that they are looking for faster payment of their invoices, with all those burdensome extended payment terms and restricted lending from banks. By building on the benefits delivered by electronic invoicing – including faster invoice delivery and approval, and full visibility of payment progress – OB10 Express Payments offers a sought-after solution.

Supplier is in control

Once an invoice has been approved, suppliers can choose to receive guaranteed early payment direct to their bank within three working days. OB10 Express Payments suits all OB10 customers as, unlike traditional supply chain financing, it is supplier led. A company can choose whether or not to take early payment, and can elect to apply it to one invoice, all invoices or a selection of transactions.

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