OB10 and HP combine e-invoicing solutions and proprietary technologies

OB10 225x225 OB10 and HP combine e invoicing solutions and proprietary technologiesHP and OB10 are no strangers. They have known each other since 2003. From that year onward OB10 has deployed e-invoicing for HP’s global processes. And they grow up so quickly, don’t they? HP has its own Finance & Accounting offering’s integrated supplier invoice automation program. Fortunately, OB10 is still there to combine its e-invoicing solutions with HP’s proprietary technologies to bring an Accounts Payable process to maximize automation.

The essentials

The invoice automation program that is the fruit of OB10’s and HP’s effort includes a variety of key capabilities:

  • e-Invoice creation and delivery – invoices are delivered either directly to existing workflow tool or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, or to HP’s Accounts Payable workflow system.
  • Purchase order services – Including PO Convert, PO creation and delivery, and invoice-to-PO validation upfront to further improve data quality, and reduce rework.
  • Self-service vendor portal – enables invoice creation and tracking, and invoice payment status, which dramatically reduces the volume of supplier inquires.
  • Invoice financing – suppliers have the opportunity to enter into an arrangement with a global banking institution to finance the early receipt of invoices before payment terms.
  • Dynamic discounting – buyers can make early discounted payments per supplier or invoice, which over-rides established payment terms to optimize working capital.

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