Palette Launches e-Invoicing Services Portal to Simplify E-invoicing On-boarding

February 24, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Palette 230x200 Palette Launches e Invoicing Services Portal to Simplify E invoicing On boardingPalette, the leading enterprise purchase-to-payment specialist, has launched a new e-Invoicing Services Portal to help businesses encourage and maximise e-invoicing take-up amongst customers and partners.  The new Portal helps every companies, regardless of size, to maximize e-invoicing take-up with customers and partners for seamless EDI.

Driven by the PaletteConnectivity Services network, the new portal enables users to invite customers and partners to quickly set up and benefit from the cost- and time-savings enabled by e-invoicing, without the need for complex implementation.

With the Services Portal, Palette users are able to initiate the ‘onboarding’ process for e-invoicing by selecting relevant customers and partners and inviting them to opt-in to supply e-invoices.  Once a contact has confirmed and approved the invitation, a connection is established to allow e-invoices to be sent or received via the PaletteConnectivity Services platform.

Palette’s e-Invoicing Services portal gives customers a dashboard overview of the current and historic status of their e-invoices.  It also gives an immediate overview of the status of e-invoicing connections between organisations, their partners and customers.

Lars-Ola Petters, CEO of Palette:“Although e-invoicing delivers significant benefits in reducing costs, improving efficiency, shortening processing times and enhancing visibility, many companies find it challenging to set up consistent electronic invoicing processes with their customers and partners. Palette’s e-invoicing Services Portal gives companies the tools and services to simplify e-invoicing deployments.”

About Palette Connectivity

PaletteConnectivity Services (PCS) acts as a broker and translator of electronic business transactions which enables users and their business partners to send and receive transactions in electronic format. Purchase orders, confirmations, advanced shipping notices, change orders, invoices and other electronic transactions can be delivered and received as easily as email.

PCS is accepts transactions in one format from the supplier or Palette customer, translates them into a format that the recipient system can process and delivers the transaction in seconds. Invoices can be viewed, searched and sorted within the e-Invoicing Services Portal, which can help to quickly resolve any disputes.

PaletteConnectivity Services allows e-invoicing to be tailored to suit individual business environments, and does not require customers or suppliers to use the same e-invoicing tools or invoicing / EDI formats.  This enables users to benefit from easier validation of data and invoices, along with enhanced data matching capabilities and the elimination of duplication.

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  1. “PCS is accepts transactions in one format from the supplier or Palette customer, translates them into a format that the recipient system can process and delivers the transaction in seconds.”

    Curious - if there are “M” different formats out there you will need M*M conversions, with no advanced notice of changes in any of the formats.

    If you had elected to convert from the M formats to a global standard such as the Universal Business Language (UBL) - you would need only a pair of transforms for each organization. Format n -> UBL for the sender and UBL -> Format k for the receiver… with the bonus that each organization is responsible for maintaining the XML transforms - using off the shelf XSLT processing.

    Your infrastructure to send and receive invoices becomes simpler - you only need to transport standard UBL invoices. UBL also supports 64 other business transactions, so you are “future ready”.

    Is one of the formats you can handle UBL (or even just XML)? Just curious.

  2. Thanks for your comments

    Our VAN platform is built to handle any structured format (and document types); Edifact/X12, XML as well as system/customer proprietary formats. We have been producing this service for more than 10 years so the news in this case lies in the Service Portal.

    Since there is more than one format pointed out as being a global standard, country standard or industry standard, we incorporate the formats needed to provide our service. This means that the number of supported formats/standards increases over time, but our method of production handles them without scalability issues.