Up in the cloud with Tradeshift: a LinkedIN-style supply chain model

There were to interviews with Christiann Lang recently. In the first one CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa talks to Christian Lanng about his expansion plans for cloud computing.

The other interview appeared in Forbes, and in it Christian Lanng described Tradeshift (now four and a half year old) as a company that “provide[s] a global cloud platform for buyers and sellers to connect and we cover invoices, purchase orders and payments.

Based on its figures, Tradeshift is the largest and fastest growing B2B network in the world with 500,000 suppliers in 190 countries, many of them in the Fortune 5000.

Christian Lanng explains the LinkedIN-style supply chain model that Tradeshift incorporates: “We really are a network like LinkedIn rather than the classical old school B2B or payment network. We provide a platform that provides data around all of the transaction. If you are DHL, you receive millions of invoices and have to handle the invoice and payments — not just all the paperwork, but all the questions internally. You need to process it and figure out who is responsible. The existing systems in ERP are very clunky. We moved all of this to the cloud and made it collaborative so you can interact with the suppliers and ask questions on invoices.

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  1. Free e-Invoicing is a game changer for the current slow adoption of e-Invoicing processes based on traditional business models of established service providers.

    Disruptive is a frequently used adjective these days to pretend innovation but this really is one. Fast forward to business networks and you can start to put names on the MySpaces of 2016…