Cirque du Soleil eyes at SAP Ariba's public supplier network

Cirque du Soleil eyes at SAP Ariba’s public supplier network

January 11, 2015  |  E-procurement, Invoice Automation

Cirque du Soleil, the world-renowned circus show, has its eyes set on a public supplier network using SAP Ariba. Cirque du Soleil deals with $450 million (£295 million) in foreign exchange, $360 million (£229 million) in royalties for designers, composers and writers, 19 separate currencies as well as 16,000 different suppliers to keep the show on the road.

Due to its unorthodox business model and the fact that it tours 350 cities every year, Cirque du Soleil needs robust business processes.The core backbone system SAP and according to Cirque du Soleil, SAP bridges languages, culture, exchange rates and employees.

Nadia Malek, Cirque du Soleil’s procurement lead:
  • “As you can imagine what we buy is very unique - from yak hairs, to feathers, to rubber ducks. You name it, we buy it.”
  • “Unlike traditional manufacturing, where the majority of procurements are processed through a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system, Cirque du Soleil’s employees make requests for materials, costumes and props on an ad hoc basis, often last-minute before a show.”
  • “We found that SAP and Ariba helps us collaborate and manage this spend centrally even though we are extremely decentralised. Montreal is the ‘manufacturing plant’ and we have plants all over the world. The only difference is they move every few weeks and we need to keep track of that.”

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  1. you have spelt the name wrong in your headline.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! We changed it.