Faulty E-billing and E-invoicing Erodes Customer Trust and even Business Viability

December 11, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment, Research

trust confidence 150x150 Faulty E billing and E invoicing Erodes Customer Trust and even Business ViabilityBilling errors impact customer trust, and significantly affect customer satisfaction levels. This was illustrated by a recent survey of 2,000 energy utility customers in the UK undertaken by Consumer Intelligence.

Their research found that 30% of those polled, had discovered an error on their energy bill. 28% had been overcharged in 2012 by an average of £121, leading customers to conclude that utilities are overpricing on purpose, which the accused utilities vehemently deny, but customer confidence is eroded to an all-time low. This situation is only set to get worse as customers are moved to electronic invoicing, is believed by researchers.

The inability to bill correctly and provide useful real-time billing data to customers will drive customers to competitors.

Energy companies ‘making £650m a year from billing errors’

Energy companies were accused of “daylight robbery” last night after a survey indicated that more than a quarter of customers are being overcharged through mistakes on their bills.

The average error was worth £121 a year in the energy company’s favour, suggesting that errors benefit companies to the tune of at least £650m annually and possibly much more.

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