InvoiceSharing Makes Electronic Invoicing 100% Free and Premium. Guaranteed!

InvoiceSharing connects with SimplerInvoicing to stimulate e-invoicing
As of today electronic invoicing is fully free from anywhere in the world. InvoiceSharing is the first company to make the total process free, that is: from sending electronic invoices to importing them into financial accounting.

A revolutionary innovation that is available to any company as of today. A business model considered ‘impossible’ by the industry is now the new reality. A revolution for providers of paid electronic invoices. Integration to any financial system is free. Sending and receiving of invoices is also free. The entire process is accredited by the accounting firm Ernst & Young.

The InvoiceSharing business model is similar to companies like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, that all have one thing in common: They have been changing the world. InvoiceSharing is not just copying -the experiences from- these social platforms. It builds upon these

Jeroen Volk, Chief Executive Officer: “We believe in open systems and sharing of information. Our free invoicing system is a fully functioning application. In addition we offer added value with various Premium products that users can buy to work smarter instead of harder.”

Premium products

Along with the launch of the new free business model, InvoiceSharing also announces the launch of three Premium products:

  • A ‘pay me later’ button to pay an invoice from a supplier on time, but have the amount deducted from your bank account 30 days later;
  • A business intelligence tool to perform spend analysis on the invoices;
  • An app for sales account managers, to notify them when clients show specific purchasing behaviour.

The app for sales account managers for example helps companies quickly respond to specific client activities in order to get more involved in the business lives of customers. Instead of a contact moment per quarter or half year – drinking a cup of coffee – there are now contact moments when something really happens.

Volk:“This is the social function of our system. We are currently preparing the launch of additional added-value Premium products that help users do their work smarter”

D-day for the industry

The free business model of InvoiceSharing fully rivals the existing revenue models of billing service providers and e-invoicing platforms.

With their business model, InvoiceSharing claimes that current ‘Chines Wall’ solutions (in which transactions require a payment) will quickly become obsolete.

Ernst and Young accrediation

InvoiceSharing is a relatively new player in the market, but has a strong network and experience in the industry. The company is the result of a collaboration between TBlox and Intrakoop and works with the renowned accounting firm Ernst & Young.

Volk: “It is required by law that companies send correct invoices and are able to show nothing has changed during transportation. Their free system helps senders and receivers show they are in control of the process. According to InvoiceSharing, full accreditation of the platform and validation of invoices is a must have for any company. In case information is missing or incorrect, our system informs the sender immediately.”

Automated invoice entry

The InvoiceSharing system has two options to send invoices. In case the invoice is sent to a receiver that is not yet an InvoiceSharing user, the invoice is sent in PDF-format. In case the receiver is an existing InvoiceSharing user, the invoice is automatically send to the accounting system of the receiver. The accounts payable users set the parameters to record invoices only once. All future invoices are automatically converted into journal entries.

A little bit more About InvoiceSharing

InvoiceSharing believes in the end of paper invoices and combines unique technology with a disruptive business model. InvoiceSharing has developed a platform where anybody can send and receive free electronic invoices. The entire process from sending to receiving of invoices is 100% free. Premium products are the main drivers of the business model of InvoiceSharing.

InvoiceSharing is founded by two successful serial cloud entrepreneurs Jeroen Volk (CEO) and Vincent Prooij (CTO) and services users globally.

Late November 2013, InvoiceSharing became member of the E-invoicing Platform. And on December 2, 2013, InvoiceSharing announced it secured funding to further growth the company and further develop the platform.

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