The Ariba Network is Getting Bigger and Bigger, and More Global

The Ariba Network is Getting Bigger and Bigger, and More GlobalMore and more companies around the world continue to plug in to the Ariba Network. Goal: to enable new forms of collaboration and transform their business. Currently more than 1.2 million companies in 190 countries are now connected to the Ariba Network. Using it to transact and collaborate more than half a trillion US Dollars. With these figures Ariba claims to be the largest and most global web-based trading community in the world.

With connected members from more than 190 countries, the Ariba Network is an open, global business network that supports the entire commerce process from source to settle and has business logic and workflow built in, so partners can execute collaborative processes in real-time.

Rachel Spasser, Chief Marketing Officer, Ariba:

  • “With Ariba, companies can quickly and easily connect their systems and processes to those of their partners – regardless of the backend systems they may be using,”
  • “More important, they can harness the power of network-derived intelligence to move beyond simple automation and enable new processes and insights that are only possible in a truly networked environment.”

Companies around the globe continue to tap into to the Ariba Network, using the cloud-based applications to extend their existing systems:

  • EMC selected SAP’s cloud solutions – including offerings from Ariba and SuccessFactors – to achieve better visibility and collaboration with its suppliers and attract and better retain and reward employees.
  • HGST Inc., a Western Digital Company, selected Ariba’s Collaborative Commerce package alongside SAP Supply Network Collaboration to increase compliance and controls with catalog spend and transform accounts payable processes.
  • Sage Health Solutions, a small company in South Africa tapped into the Ariba Network to manage its business with the South African government, which uses Ariba as its procurement platform.


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