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January 19, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

Ariba 230x200Latest release of business-to-business commerce platform enables more buyers and suppliers to connect and collaborate more quickly and efficiently

Each year, over 340,000 buyers and suppliers use Ariba® Network to connect and transact more than $160 billion in business. And now they can do it faster and better than ever. Ariba, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBA), the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions, today announced the availability of Ariba Network (AN) 49, the latest version of its industry-leading business-to-business commerce platform. Embedded with powerful new features designed to automate the trading partner enablement process, the release allows buyers and suppliers to quickly connect, more effectively collaborate and ultimately, enhance their relationships and the results that they deliver.

“Finding the right trading partners can be hard. Connecting with them can be even harder,” said Jason Kurtz, Vice President, Network and Financial Solutions, Ariba. “AN49 simplifies these tasks by providing companies with a robust set of tools they can use to discover and connect with global suppliers and key business partners in a truly collaborative manner.”

Collaboration: The New Strategic Capability

Companies used to focus exclusively on internal activities and trust that their business would run itself. But those days are long gone. In today’s global economy, it’s all about being connected, efficient and informed across enterprises.

Connected to commerce networks that facilitate collaboration and alignment around key business processes. Efficient by automating key commerce activities to drive greater efficiency and productivity. Informed by participating in communities that deliver market insights and best practices to fuel optimal performance and decisions. With AN49, companies can achieve all three.


Leveraging enhanced enablement tools embedded within the release, buying organizations can connect suppliers to the Ariba Network in a matter of minutes and achieve quicker value with suppliers who are already enabled. And selling organizations can expand enablement to new trading relationships and increase satisfaction with existing customers.

“In today’s uncertain economy, our business needs can quickly change and it is critical that we have tools and processes in place to respond to them,” said Chris Uriarte, Sourcing Manager, Stage Stores. “The Ariba Network is a unique platform through which we can connect to the right partners in the right places at the right time to achieve our goals, and we currently use it to manage the majority of our sourcing. Having so many qualified vendors at our fingertips has proven invaluable to our business, driving lower costs and operating efficiencies that have positively impacted our bottom line.”


With AN49, trading partner enablement is completely automated. So buyers and sellers can eliminate manual tracking tools such as spreadsheets or offline databases and the costs and inefficiencies associated with them. And they can collaborate more efficiently to reduce the cost of invoice and payment processing, increase visibility and control of cash flow, mitigate supply-chain risk and manage cash better.


In the connected economy, it’s not about the information within an organization, but the intelligence generated through networks. With AN49, there is a direct link from the Ariba Network to Ariba Exchange, an online community of peers and thought leaders where buyers and sellers can gather to share insights and best practices. In addition, new information portals enable buyers to capture supplier questions at registration and post answers in the form of additional content and reference files that can be accessed by the entire supply base.

“Ariba has helped us to transform our business,” said Kevin Govin, CEO, MarkMaster. “Through the Ariba Network, we have created a robust online sales channel that has allowed us to expand our base of new customers by 65 percent and grow our overall business 20 percent year-over-year.”

Get on Board

More than 400 of the companies in the Fortune 500 use the Ariba Network. Over 325,000 selling organizations in 130 countries use it too. Each year, these buyers and sellers transact more than $160 billion in business. They process 20 million in purchase orders and 13 million in invoices. And they send and receive access to 5 million new leads. Want a piece of the action? Visit today and get on board.

About Ariba, Inc.

Ariba, Inc. is the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions. Ariba combines industry-leading technology with the world’s largest web-based trading community to help companies discover, connect and collaborate with a global network of partners – all in a cloud-based environment. Using the Ariba® Commerce Cloud, businesses of all sizes can buy, sell and manage cash more efficiently and effectively. Over 340,000 companies around the globe use the Ariba Commerce Cloud to simplify inter-enterprise commerce and enhance results. Why not join them? To get on the path to Better Commerce visit:

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