Collaborative Commerce for Dummies by Ariba [FREE DOWNLOAD]

August 21, 2012  |  Procurement, Publications, Research

Why can you buy a book so easily on but find it so hard to source the goods and services you need to run your business? How can you manage your personal finances and pay your bills on time online yet have no idea what you’re spending with whom, or when you’ll get paid, at your company?

Why do you know more about what our friends ate for lunch than the status of your key trading partners? Why is buying, selling, and managing cash in your personal life so easy yet business commerce so complex?

Because personal commerce, by its nature, is collaborative. And while business commerce is intended to be collaborative, many barriers anything but.

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Collaborative Commerce for Dummies

Collaborative Commerce For Dummies, Ariba Special Edition, is designed to help you understand and overcome these barriers and give your business an advantage in today’s increasingly complex global marketplace by making collaborative commerce a strategic capability.

Collaborative Commerce For Dummies, Ariba Special Edition, is a little book packed with essential information on one specific aspect of commerce: how using a cloud-based suite of applications and services integrated with a community of experts and trading partners can fuel the collaboration needed to improve your performance and profits.

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