Invoiceware International Updates LATAM SAP E-Invoicing Solutions for 2014 Brazil Nota Fiscal

Brazil1 150x150 Invoiceware International Updates LATAM SAP E Invoicing Solutions for 2014 Brazil Nota FiscalNota Fiscal Version 3.10 mandates that all companies operating in Brazil to transition from NFe 2.0 to NFe 3.1 by December 2014. To comply with these changes, Invoiceware International has extended their SAP® electronic invoicing applications and On Demand Latin America E-Invoicing Network to comply with the latest version of Nota Fiscal.

Invoiceware’s electronic invoicing solution for Nota Fiscal includes:

  • Turn-key E-Invoicing Platform & SAP extensions: Invoiceware provides native extensions to the SAP ERP system, so global organizations can eliminate the SAP configuration issues that are often the biggest hurdle during an e-invoice upgrade.
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Best Practices: The new legislation affects receivables and payables processes. Invoiceware packages both into a single deployment to ensure full compliance.
  • Multilingual Project Management: The transition to Nota Fiscal v3.1 requires adjustments to the ERP system, logistics processes, and end customer integration; global organizations require implementation teams to speak both Portuguese and English.
  • Guaranteed Compliance: As with all rollouts of government-mandated e-invoicing requirements, companies can expect additional changes and adjustments. Invoiceware guarantees upgrades as part of its ongoing service, so that multinationals won’t find themselves in these fire drills every year.

Scott Lewin, President & CEO, Invoiceware International:

  • “By combining a regional Latin America E-Invoicing Network with our SAP ERP native extensions, our customers eliminate the project and IT frustrations they would otherwise face with these complex and constantly changing requirements,”
  • “Nota Fiscal 3.1 will impact every company doing business in Brazil. Our commitment to multi-language enterprise class support, guaranteed government compliance, and native integration with SAP ERP are the reasons over 250 Fortune 2000 multinationals have chosen us as their solution provider for e-invoicing in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.”


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