Take Tradeshift’s Fast Track to On-board All Suppliers in Record Speed

July 4, 2012  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Fast Track is a low-cost, low-risk way to test pilot Tradeshift, in one or more of your departments and branches, with lightning-fast supplier on-boarding results and complete transparency. Fast Track is specifically designed to build up to full rollout. Most e-invoicing companies on-board less than 10-15% of suppliers and that’s unacceptable. Tradeshift has recently on-boarded 94% of suppliers at 80% of the volume in less than four months.

Fast Track by Tradeshift, flat fee e-invoicing

With Fast Track, Tradeshift introduces subscription-based enterprise e-invoicing, making our
advanced enterprise solution available to anyone who wants to use Fast Track to on-board suppliers. No multi-year contracts to sign. The details:


Some more details

Apart from the super easy on-boarding and flat fee e-invoicing rates, there is neat stuff:

  • A series of online e-learning videos.
    With their series of online e-learning videos, e-invoicing with all of your suppliers is now within reach for every business in the world. It’s a simple way and effective to ramp up your organisation in next to no time. From Tradeshift fundamentals, to advanced functionalities, to understanding your suppliers’ user experience, you’ll find it all at your fingertips.
  • The Network Engagement Tool
    Tradeshift’s Network Engagement Tool ensures on-boarding efficiency with
    optimized campaigns and weekly reports, showing you the number of suppliers
    joining Tradeshift, and the number of documents you’ve received. And, it’s all
  • Free supplier adoption, including full support
    Tradeshift delivers a platform compatible with all of your businesses - open and free to supplier participation. Supplier adoption is through the roof; it’s free for them to join Tradeshift and free for them to create and send invoices. Plus, suppliers get 24-hour support.
  • CloudScan
    Tradeshift’s CloudScan makes it free for suppliers to easily scan email and PDF invoices directly into Tradeshift, eliminating the need for manual input. Suppliers validate their own invoices, which increases data quality and frees up time and resources for buyers. True 100% online.
  • Geosho: visual representation of business data
    Tradeshift’s customers are able to view and analyse invoice data instantly on a map using the Geosho app. It lets them select individual clients, and query sales totals by the area that is being viewed. This data can be represented as a heat map or with clusters. In addition to this, the Geosho app will also allow them to extract outstanding sales invoice data.

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