Vestas Wind Systems uses Tradeshift E-Invoicing across 10,000 suppliers

Vestas Wind Systems has become the latest multi-billion euro enterprise to announce that it will be using Tradeshift as the platform for its business interactions with nearly 10,000 suppliers, hosting around 300,000 exchanged invoices a year. Thanks to Tradeshift’s CloudScan feature, which converts all submitted invoices to electronic format using automation and supplier validation, Vestas will be able to reach 100% electronic invoicing.

Vestas’s realisation

Christian Lanng, CEO and co-founder of Tradeshift, said in the announcement: “Once more, it came down to business models. In our discussions with Vestas, the company realised an approach that required its suppliers to pay to start using the service would simply never get them the return on investment that would make it worthwhile.”

No foot in the door

Where the alternatives limit enterprise ROI by charging suppliers to use their software, Tradeshift provides them with a free and flexible platform for all their business interactions. Where other options seek a foot in the door to upsell, Tradeshift creates a marketplace where anyone can build connectors or new applications that enhance your network connections. And where suppliers activate only the apps they want and need.

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