Itella iBoost: get your customers or suppliers on-board for e-invoices

When we talk about the invoicing process often only the costs of producing the invoice is considered. But the total cost of the invoicing process is the sum of various factors, not merely the invoice production costs:

  • Producing the invoice
  • Marketing costs to produce the invoice: letterhead, branding and so on.
  • Marketing costs when looking at it as sales and marketing tool: adds and personalisation.
  • Customer service expenses after an invoice run:  particular attention should be paid to the accuracy, timeliness, and informative-ness of the invoice.

Transition to electronic invoicing

The transition to e-invoicing is a significant factor in achieving cost savings. Not only in production costs, but also a lot of other aspects.

Itella offers the iBoost activation program as part of their iBilling service. Combined a joint action plan is prepared to digitalize both consumer and corporate invoices. The program includes:

  • continuous activation support
  • materializing cost savings of all sorts
  • keep/increase customer loyalty
  • deep/cross selling

Itella iBoost – adopt electronic purchase invoices quickly

Itella iBoost is the solution for managing your suppliers and encouraging them to start using electronic purchase invoices.

The service accelerates your purchase invoices going electronic faster, while improving their quality. At the same time, you make invoice processing more effective and save money and time. Itella iBoost provides a partnership model for the active management of your suppliers, continuous development of purchase invoice processes and multi-channel campaigns.

Itella iBoost produces the best advantages for organizations that receive large volumes of purchase invoices from many different suppliers.

The benefits of Itella iBoost

  • Your purchase invoices go electronic faster
  • Improved quality of your purchase invoices
  • Saves you money
  • Facilitates your suppliers’ information management
  • Makes invoice processing more effective

Check out Itella iBoost

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