Why not ad marketing content to your online bill or invoice?

December 20, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment, Research

Last week we discussed 6 top tips to design the ultimate e-bill. Now we stumbled on another great angle on online bills:  “Can your invoices be worth more than the number on the bottom line?

Bills and invoices are in essence a form of communication. The interesting thing about invoices is that these are the one form of communication that customers always pay attention to.  And this is why:

  • Customers will without a doubt be reading the bottom line as they make their payment.
  • There is a good chance that they can’t help but notice the rest of the document too.

The theory: why add adds to bills or invoices

This means that you have an opportunity to draw you customer’s attention to something that will be of interest to them and increase their value to you!

If you want to, and if it is alright by your customers. Because in the end the effectiveness of communication (read: e-invoincing/e-billing) is determined by the way it is interpreted by the receiver.

So what can you gain from adding adds to you invoice? Well:

  • Up-sell and cross-selling: It is easier and cheaper to sell more to an existing customer than it is to find and convert a new prospect.
  • Increase customer loyalty with personalised content
  • Increase efficiency by combining offline and online channels (eg: QR codes)

As marketers constantly have to do more with less, it is just mind boggling why we all overlook this one channel of communication that guarantees to reach their existing customer base. More precisely, why not start your on-boarding right from the paper invoice.

The theory put to the test

First, OpenText StreamServe ran a small survey on their customer base, together with independent researcher, TechValidate. Organisations that applied additional marketing content to their (apply StreamServe to their marketing efforts, most are seeing revenue increase.

In fact. Over 80% experienced at least 5% increase in marketing revenues attributable to their usage of the solution.


Second, Open Text created a neat interactive invoice simulator to help you visualize just how this could work.



So what do you think, would this work for you? Do you have experience on this?

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