Did you know the e-invoice is a powerful marketing tool?

November 27, 2012  |  Digitalisation, Invoice Automation, Payment

Let’s state the obvious: invoicing is an important communication activity and contributes greatly to the image of the company in question.Well, stating the obvious? Why are there so many companies then that don’t seize the opportunity of the e-invoice as a marketing tool? Your customer contact doesn’t get any more direct than this. AcceptEmail hopes to open these companies’ eyes by giving some tips and solutions.

Invoice directly in inbox

Customer retention is increased with AcceptEmail by delivering the invoice directly in the e-mail inbox they’re familiar with. This is a much more customer-friendly experience  than when customers have to pick up their invoice in their own bank or My-environment. Customer portals that send monthly notifications are also susceptible to phishing.

Consistency is user-friendly

The design and layout of an AcceptEmail is made up of a fixed structure that makes the e-mail as user-friendly as possible. This functional set-up makes it understandable for the receiver and makes sure the functioning of AcceptEmail is absolutely clear. Good design enhances the functionality of an AcceptEmail. Additional graphic house style elements boost the number of clicks and provide more paid Accept Mails.

Transparency and verifiability

Transparency and clarity is always worth gold. Place an additional contact option on the transaction page and make sure that the organisation can easily be contacted via a working reply email address. Once the payment is successful the transaction page directly shows the current status of the payment. Thanks to AcceptEmail’s internationally patented technology the secure payment slip in the already sent AcceptEmail changes directly from blue - to pay - to green - paid. A single e-mail is both the invoice and the receipt.

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