AcceptSMS: the world’s first Short Invoice Service

August 26, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

AcceptSMS 230x200AcceptEmail launches a revolutionary way of billing and collecting. The inventor of billing and payment via e-mail introduces AcceptSMS, the world’s first Short Invoice Service. With this development, users of AcceptEmail are now able to send their customers a payment request via a SMS text message in an easy and clever way.

Safe and secure: sending payment requests by AcceptSMS
The new feature to the existing service allows senders to simply convert an AcceptEmail into an AcceptSMS. A short URL sends the recipient via mobile internet to the secured AcceptEmail transaction page. From this landing page the payment can be done, choosing one of the many available payment methods. The outstanding amount can be safely paid via credit card, debit card or online banking and soon also via mobile banking.

Peter Kwakernaak, CEO AcceptEmail: “Mobile payments are quickly becoming safer and widely available. More and more people are downloading apps for mobile banking and the widespread usage will be just a matter of time. Payment via social media of all kinds of bills will soon also be just as common as via traditional ways. Being a trendsetter in the world of electronic billing and payments people expects us to keep innovating and be ahead of the crowd.”

Effective communication improves customer contact
AcceptSMS can be helpful when mails bounce or stay unopened, or when the (correct) email details are not available or up-to-date. Managing your customer data will lead to more effective customer relation management according to Kwakernaak. “It gives your company the ability to match the way of communicating with your customers (or vice versa) with the information that is in your database. Companies that control and update the metadata of their customers, are able to communicate better via multiple channels, resulting in improved customer service and better results in collections. By offering modern and customer friendly payment methods through more than one channel, you can improve your customers’ payment behavior dramatically.”

Innovation, but not at the expense of safety
As much as the classic AcceptEmail that has proved its value for quite some time now, the new AcceptSMS is also optimally secured. Kwakernaak concludes: “A uniform user experience, verifiability and security are our top priority and we will constantly meet and exceed the standards of our own security framework. With this new feature we want to set yet another standard in the way that companies invoice their customers and consumers or SME companies pay their bills. ”


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  1. Am I missing something? Is this just a tiny url via sms?