The final hours of paper invoices? Tradeshift believes so with Cloudscan

Unfortunately the world of online invoicing still isn’t completely free of manual labour. According to Christian Lanng, CEO and co-founder of Tradeshift, most invoices are sent via paper or PDF. And this does not aid companies in their effort to embrace e-invoicing completely. Tradeshift’s answer: CloudScan, a product that gets rid of the need to manually input invoices.

How to…

Well, how does this work then? CloudScan users provide suppliers with a unique email address where they send their documents. These are then automatically converted into Tradeshift’s open digital format and appear on the user’s e-invoicing platform. Easy enough.

Easy communication

But that’s not all Tradeshift has to offer, if we may believe their rants. If needed information is missing, CloudScan sends a message to the invoice supplier telling them to add data. An additional advantage: the two-pane interface to do so seems workable even for those challenged in the field of IT. The process of adding data never has to be repeated, because the info is remembered for the next invoice.

100% e-invoicing is attainable

The idea behind CloudScan is to adapt the technology and process to the user and not the other way around. We’re not all technical geniuses, after all. This is why Tradeshift claims that 100% electronic invoicing is achievable. CloudScan, in the eyes of its developer the first solid step towards this goal, will launch in Spring 2012.

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