Tradeshift introduces Collaborative Workflow: real business, real people

For employees to be their most productive they need the proper tools. Tradeshift’s Collaborative Workflow is such a tool as it integrates suppliers into the conversation.

For instance, if an invoices that is automatically forwarded to the customer’s ERP system with the appropriate metadata, contains any error it is immediately brought to an employee’s attention through the Tradeshift Collaborative Workflow interface and they can instantly act and correct. Invoices without a purchase order, get routed to the appropriate people within the enterprise who can approve, reject, forward the invoices and add metadata such as general ledger account number or cost center number – before forwarding it to their ERP system.

By automating much of the traditional work required to process transactions employees are free to work smarter & solve problems: with multiple user accounts, automation of repetitive time-consuming tasks and device responsiveness.


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