7 Websites that provide e-invoicing and AP automation content as well

We are not alone. Probably not in this universe. Certainly not in this world. Neither when it comes to suppliers on e-invoicing and AP Automation. Nor when it comes to sites where you can find news on e-invoicing and AP automation.

And because e-invoicing and AP automation are very sexy hot topics we see an uptake of sites that publish content on electronic invoicing and AP Automation.

Electronic invoicing and AP automation news sites

Underneath – in random order- are some sites that we think every now and then provide news and backgrounds on electronic invoicing and AP automation.

Let us know if we forgot to mention yours.

Purchasing Insight


Passionately edited by managing editor Peter Loughlin, Purchasing Insight provides thoughts and background articles on purchase to pay, dynamic discounint, but lately most of all on: electronic invoicing.

Sitting in the divide between paper processes on the one and the benefits or electronic processess on the other hand, Peter Loughlin touches on issues to get us from paper to the power of “e”.



The talented Susie West born and raised sharedserviceslink.com from 2007 to its current state. The website contains resources, regularly updated industry news and articles, job vacancies and upcoming events.

Sharedserviceslink.com focusses on: items that are of particular interest to shared service centers. Such as electronic invoicing and AP automation.

Because of shared interest. The E-invoicing Platform and Sharedserviceslink.com decided to become partners.

The Paypers


The Paypers is the brainchild from Innopay. You know, those guys that created AcceptEmail, initiated MyDeal, and organise EPCA.

The Paypers deals with: online and mobile payments, e-invoicing, online banking, e-commerce, e-identity, cards.

Finextra / Bo Harald


Every now and then you can find information on electronic invoicing on the website of Finextra. Most of the items concerning electronic invoicing are hand crafted by Bo Harald. Bo Harald was the chair of the EU E-invoicing Expert Group and is director of TIETO.

EU: E-practice


Just like the website of Finextra, you can find information on electronic invoicing on the website of ePractice.eu. However the ePractice.eu website on only contains Europe-related information.

The Institute of Financial Operations


If you are willing to subscribe for a 15 day free trial and then pay $295 a year for e-invoicing and AP related content, then you could go to the website of IOFM.

Or you could just check out our website. We provide you with the most and latest news and backgrounds, without you having to pay for it.

15 day free trial: Institute of Finance & Management


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