Interview with the Chair of the former EC Expert Group on e-Invoicing

January 4, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

Bo Harald 230x200At EBAday last may 2010 in Helsinki Finextra  ( spoke to Bo Harald. He is chairman of the former EC Expert Group on e-Invoicing about the progress towards full scale adoption of e-invoicing in Europe. In its interview Bo Harald outlined some of the benefits for corporates, SMEs and banks in increasing their financial supply chain efficiency. He also described the steps that need to be taken to achieve standard processes and a common legal foundation for e-invoices in Europe. He also stated that the ambition should be that e-invoicing is the dominant method of invoicing in 2012.

NOTE: This interview was taken 6 months before the EC’s commission towards a 2020 roadmap for e-invoicing:

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