4 more websites with e-invoicing and AP automation content

January 11, 2012  |  Publications

In our post 7 websites that provide e-invoicing and AP content we mentioned in random order: Purchase Insight, The Paypers, Sharedserviceslink.com, IAPP, IOFM, ePractice and Finextra.

But there are more sources on e-invoicing and AP automation (in random order): SpendMatters, Billentis, E-invoice Gateway and the E-business Guide.

We didn’t mention them in our previous post as they are ‘less dynamic’ then the ones we mentioned before.

We know there are loads of other websites out there, but in these two posts we focus on sites with kind of a portal approach.


Just as passionately as Peter Loughlin from Purchasing, Jason Busch manages SpendMatters.

Jason writes good content. In fact his content was so good that we thought we could use it on our website some years ago. However we forgot to give him the credits like we do now. For that we were (and are, Jason) very sorry.


Two words: Bruno Koch.

EU: CEN E-invoice Gateway

Instigated by the CEN E-invoicing Workshop, the E-invoice Gateway was intended to serve as an independent platform for electronic invoicing in de European community.

They are currently looking for new ways to exploit this website as we learned from their Request for Information.

EU: E-business Guide

Founded by Anna Bjärkerud, the European E-businessguide deals with e-invoicing, e-procurement, purchase-to-pay, and Order-to-Cash.

So, did we forget a source? Just let us know.


  1. Hi Friso,

    How about including Ardent Partners here :)?

  2. You missed The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN)! Published by Financial Operations Networks. http://www.TheAPNetwork.com

    Online publisher of Instruction, Benchmarks, News, Forms, Checklists, Templates, Calculators, Reference Tables, online video and in-person Training, Online Staff Training; we produce webinars, e-newsletters, online summits and the live Accounts Payable Leadership Conference.

    We are the co-developer/provider of The Accounts Payable Certification Programs, with IOMA (now IOFM), the largest, most recognized Accounts Payable certification in the world.


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