E-invoicing Comes of Age, a Spend Matters paper

October 11, 2011  |  Adoption, Invoice Automation, Publications

When it comes to purchasing and invoicing, there are a few website that provide you with information. On of these is SpendMatters,  passionately edited by the wonderful Jason Busch.

For those who don’t know Jason Busch, Spend Matters states that he is regarded as one of the leading technology pundits and thought leaders in the trade, procurement and operations worlds.

Spend Matters on electronic invoicing

Every now and then SpendMatters sparks the e-invoicing domain with interesting contributions, like his infamous e-invoicing rant. Other publications include:

E-Invoicing Comes of Age – History, Solution Features, Technology Elements

The latest contribution of Jason Busch is a 14 page paper called E-Invoicing Comes of Age – History, Solution Features, Technology Elements, and More! The paper, sponsored by Verian Technologies, Basware, Coupa, Rearden Commerce and OB10, consists of:

  • Page 2 : Abstract
  • Page 2 : PART 1 – Framing the P2P and invoice automation challenge
  • Page 3 : The road to electronic invoicing maturity
  • Page 4 : How did we get here? The briefest and liveliest history of AP written to date
  • Page 5 : PART 2 - Plumbing Electronic Invoicing – Including the pipes
  • Page 6 : Electronic Invoicing – a technical component overview
  • Page 10: PART 3 – Maturity models and building the business case
  • Page 10: Building the business case – take time to do it right
  • Page 12: Concluding recommendations

You can get your free copy of the paper here, provided you leave a lot of your credentials behind.

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