Free E-invoicing Toolbox provides 75+ helpful Tools for an E-invoicing Kick-start

The E-invoicing Toolbox is now officially launched. Shortly after the already successful E-invoicing Checklist, the E-invoicing Toolbox is the next in a series of free instruments to boost the international adoption of electronic invoicing, online billing and invoice automation.

The toolbox is free, practical and can be put together with the 75+ latest and greatest free instruments on e-invoicing and invoice automation.

The latest, best and most practical tools
What free e-invoicing tools are out there? What are the best tips for driving adoption? How much can I and my customers save with e-invoicing? How to become compliant? What studies and statistics on e-invoicing are available?

No longer do you have to spend many precious hours on the Internet to collect tools and information, while wondering whether this is the best out there. Because, now there is the E-invoicing Toolbox. It provides all the relevant and recent resources to get you(r organisation) kick-started into electronic invoicing, online billing or invoice processing.

11 topics, 75+ instruments
The E-invoicing Toolbox provides you with over 75 of the best, latest and most practical tools out there:
-          Free (online) tools: “What free e-invoicing tools are out there?
-          How to/DIY: “How to implement e-invoicing or e-billing all by myself?
-          Business Case / ROI Calculators: “How much can I save and what will my ROI be?
-          Facts and Figures: “When do my customers, suppliers and competitors adopt e-invoices
-          Adoption Tactics: “How to achieve massive e-invoicing adoption?
-          Video: “Want to have e-invoicing explained? Take a look at these video’s!
-          Legal Stuff: “What legal aspects to look after when exchanging invoices.
-          Compliance: “How to stay in control with e-invoices?
-          Policy: “A look at (currently only) EU’s vision on e-invoicing towards 2020?
-          Standards: “UBL, CII, XML20002 and PDF, plus 80 more B2B e-invoicing standards.
-          Tech Stuff: “Tools for techies.

Easy target groups pre-selection or go ‘a la carte’
The website, contains some popular pre-selections based on target groups (freelancer, SME, large business, governments and service providers) and on themes (send, receive, pay and compliance). You can of course go ‘a la carte’ and select all or only the relevant topics.

The choices made are then combined into a personal custom made and free E-invoicing Toolbox that is sent to you by e-mail. The link allows you to get back to your toolbox whenever you want.

Who facilitates the E-invoicing Checklist?
The E-invoicing Toolbox is an initiative of the Dutch-based E-invoicing Trust Foundation. The E-invoicing Trust Foundation focuses on durable adoption of e-invoicing. The E-invoicing Trust Foundation currently facilitates:
-          E-invoicing Platform (also known as the EEI Platform),
-          E-invoicing Trend Map (coming soon)
-          E-invoicing Toolbox
-          E-invoicing Checklist
-          E-invoicing Newsletter
-          E-invoicing Linkedin Group

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