5 ROI Calculators + 9 other great free new tools added to the E-invoicing Toolbox

January 20, 2012  |  Adoption, Legal, Publications, Research, Standards

We added 14 new great free tools to our already extensive list of tools in the E-invoicing Toolbox.

The new tools are: surveys, legal documents, video’s and 5 new ROI calculators.

So take a look at the list, head over to the E-invoicing Toolbox, create your selection and download the tools you need. And best of all. It is free!


  1. Tax-compliant global electronic invoice lifecycle management
    TrustWeaver, Whitepaper, 2011
  2. Explanatory notes on VAT invoicing rules relating to Council Directive 2010/45/EU
    European Commission, document, 2011
  3. GS1 Standards: EANCOM and Simple Invoice 2.0.2
    GS1, standards


  1. Global Survey on Barriers to Next-Generation Billing + Global Survey on E-Billing Adoption
    BillingViews, Survey, 2011
  2. Global Trends in Automated Data Capture in AP
    The Institute of Financial Operations, Survey, 2011


  1. Components of an electronic invoice
    PaySimple, video, 2011
  2. Module for OpenERP to add Electronic Invoice through Web Services (WSFEv1) in Argentina
    Software, open source, 2011
  3. Argentina’s e-invoicing requirements, part 1
    Kevin Benedict + Crossgate, video-interview, 2011


  1. AP/AR Calculator [Warning you have to leave your contact details]
  2. AP ROI Calculator [A must try]
  3. Purchase to Pay ROI Calculator [A must try]
  4. Invoice Automation ROI Calculator [A must try]
  5. Bruno Koch extensive calculator (XLS) [Warning: German language]
    WKA + Billentis [Bruno Koch]

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  1. I’ve recently been playing around with the free IT Project ROI Tool at analysisplace.com. I think it has some potential and is worth checking out.