What FREE tools are out there to kick start E-invoicing / E-billing?

What FREE tools do you think can definitely help someone to kick start AP/AR E-invoicing or E-billing?

We want to help near future adopters to make it as easy as possible to start the engine and make a smooth ride on the highway to e-invoicing. A lot of organisations are aware of the advantages that e-invoicing can reveal for them, but they are not well informed on the tools to prepare their bike.

Do you have any tips for free online tools, services or software or perhaps an idea to lower the threshold, please leave your comment or email to [email protected].


- advanced AP/AR calculators, communication to suppliers/customers, software, free (online) services, mapping tools, tech stuff

- homemade (preferred) or to be found on the Internet

- free of charge

- and (when found on the Internet): without user registration

Thank you!

The EEI Platform

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