Basware/ABB webinar useful for project managers

February 28, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Publications

Basware230x200Technology fails to deliver a return on investment unless you manage change across the organisation.

It’s a statement any project implementation team in any function could make, which isn’t necessarily helpful  if you’re in the middle of automating purchase to pay (P2P) and struggling with adoption. Nigel Chapman, Change Management Facilitator at ABB, a provider of power and automation technologies, revealed how he helped to transform P2P.

Speaking on a webinar with Basware, he told the audience how they not only increased ABB’s purchase-order-compliant invoices from 60% to over 99% but also achieved closer relations with its suppliers and internal businesses.

It’s worth taking note of ABB’s key lessons learnt for delivering a successful automation programme:

  • Be clear in your communications about why changes are happening and provide a high-level route map for your P2P journey
  • Change management is key
    • Adopt a robust methodology
    • Build and maintain stakeholder engagement and communication
    • Deliver consistency in messages and actions
  • Involving the supply chain management function was critical to our success
  • Maintain commitment and be willing to dig deep and provide support during tough times
  • Recognise that this is a journey and be prepared to work with changes that emerge as the project proceeds

Sound advice for all project managers.

If you missed the webinar, the recording of this session will be available soon.

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