Free E-invoicing Checklist offers 100+ e-invoicing hints an tips

e-invoicing checklist 230x200The E-invoicing Checklist is officially launched. The E-invoicing Checklist is a free custom made self-assessment tool with more than a hundred of practical hints and tips. It helps organisations of all sorts and sizes to pinpoint actions required when sending or receiving electronic invoices. Not just the fiscal actions, but also the very essential communication actions. That way the E-invoicing Checklist supports organisation with their practical e-invoicing adoption.

15 e-invoicing essentials
The E-invoicing Checklist contains of 15 relevant topics. They provide answers to relevant questions like:

    - Current EU E-invoicing basics: “How does the IRS currently approach e-invoicing?”
    - The new EU Directive: “What will be different as from 1-1-2013?”
    - Tax requirements: “What information must be part of an invoice?”
    - The simple invoice: “What is a simplified invoice? When can I start using it?”
    - Be clear and understandable: “Does my customer really understand my invoice?”
    - Payment instructions: “Does my customer know how to pay my invoice?”
    - Create your e-invoice: “What to look after when generating my e-invoice?”
    - Issuing time: “How do I engage with my customers?”
    - Receiving e-invoices: “An AR invoice has now become my AP invoice. Now what?”
    - Verify your data: “How can I verify an electronic invoice?”
    - Manage your master data: “What are master data and how do I manage them?”
    - Let’s archive: “How do I prevent myself from getting digital Alzheimer’s?”
    - Ensure controllability: “How do I stay in control?”
    - Adoption tactics: “How do I achieve massive adoption?”
    - Acquisition fraud: “Avoid paying fake invoices!”

Easy target group pre-selection or go ‘a la carte’
The website, contains some popular pre-selections based on target groups (freelancer, SME, corporate or outsourced) or based on a theme (sending invoices,
processing inbound invoices, exchanging structured data or compliance. Or one can go ‘a la carte’ and select all or only the relevant topics.

Free and customizable
The choices made are then combined into a personal custom made and free E-invoicing Checklist, which is sent as a PDF document by e-mail.

How to assess?
Study the received E-invoicing Checklist topic after topic. Per topic, read all checklist-items chronologically. The checklist items are in orange. Many of the checklist items have an explanation. And many of the chapters have a ‘more information’ badge at the end of each section.

Per checklist-item one can rate whether your organisation does (checkmark) or does not meet (x-mark) this requirement or whether this requirement does not apply to their organisation (indent). This way, one immediately knows which requirement their organisation can/should devote attention to.

This way one can now get to work to improve the aspects of its invoicing process, collections process or even purchase-to-pay process that need attention.

Who facilitates the E-invoicing Checklist?
The E-invoicing Checklist is an initiative of the Dutch-based E-invoicing Trust Foundation. The E-invoicing Trust Foundation focuses on durable adoption of e-invoicing. The E-invoicing Trust Foundation currently facilitates:

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