The E-invoicing Checklist: Manual [part 2]

June 13, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Publications

Ah yes, our new series on the E-invoicing Checklist. It’s time for part two. How do I use the E-invoicing Checklist? That is the answer we will answer in this week’s post. Cannot control your curiosity any longer after reading this article? Then the entire E-invoicing Checklist can be downloaded here for the shocking sum of 0 euros.

4 simple steps


Select and create

To make things easy for you, we have created a website. You can select some popular pre-selections there. Or you can go “a la carte” and select only the chapters that are relevant to you. These are combined into your own personal E-invoicing Checklist, that is then send to you as a PDF document by e-mail.



Read the E-invoicing Checklist topic by topic. And per topic: checklist item by checklist item. The checklist items are in orange. Many of the checklist items have an explanation, and some of the chapters have a “more information” badge at the end of each section.



Rate per checklist item whether your organisation does (checkmark) or does not meet (x-mark) this requirement or whether this requirement does not apply to your organisation (indent). This way you immediately know to which requirement your organisation can/should devote attention.



You can now start to improve the aspects of your invoicing process, collections process or even your purchase-to-pay process that may need attention.

Note: Your financial software/ERP system plays an important role in most of the chapters and in many cases, can ensure/help you to meet the checklist items.

Note: Make use of the organisations that can help you in the best possible way, such as your Billing Service Provider or the supplier of your financial software, accountant, sectorial organisation, bank, payment service provider and so on.

Are there any questions?

Still need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us via You can find our contact information and a list of frequently asked questions there. We’re here to help. Good luck running your own Checklist!

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