Have you attended an event or dialled into a webinar and felt that the material wasn’t on the money and the presenters hadn’t been given guidance on how to deliver a compelling story? In February 2007, Susie West was at a conference when the penny dropped. Having been selling e-invoicing technology to shared services professionals for five years, and having sponsored and attended dozens of events, it was clear that the material presented was failing to address the real problems facing purchase-to-pay and finance professionals. What we needed was a place where leaders in shared services could really learn from peers to find out how they had achieved the exceptional.

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  1. The European Summit for Leaders in Finance Shared Services and Outsourcing in London

    When your boss challenges you on choices you’re making, how assured do you sound? Increasingly shared services leaders are deviating from the norm. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach to blindly follow anymore when it comes to finance transformation. The routes followed by large organisations vary massively. So being sure about your choices is harder [...]

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  1. How important is supply chain financing to your suppliers?

    With the economy still weak, e-invoicing is more compelling for suppliers if they know they can get their hands on the cash quicker. Supply Chain Financing supports this