Dramatic increase of e-invoicing in Finland

A recent blog post from Bo Harald showed a dramatic increase in e-invoicing adoption in Finland. He provided us with a graph that shows how e-invoicing literally exploded the last few years:

Without diving into the reason of behind this success story, Bo Harald provided us with some insights of how e-invoicing in Europe (and beyond) could adopt e-invoicing:

  • Banks have tremendous selling power - over 200 000 enterprises signed up - about 87% of active enterprises
  • Norway and Sweden are ahead in the consumer sector - as invoice senders are not discouraged to charge visibly for having to send paper there.
  • On EU-level this would mean some 1,8 billion e-invoices - still a lot of room for growth
  • b2b will grow even faster now as the state sector is applying “return to sender” for paper or emailed invoices (the idea is NOT to save stamps - but to enable process automation by using structured data and common standards).
  • E-invoicing should be made mandatory.

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