4 things to look at when choosing a ‘free’ e-invoicing provider

October 31, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

The e-invoices industry is claimed to be a $280 million annual global market, with an expected growth of 13% every year. So it’s only natural that more players enter the arena. creating extra noise, and making it difficult to compare one e-invoicing service with another. InvoiceSharing mentions four major aspects that helps you to make a decision between a ‘free’ and a ‘free’ e-invoicing service provider.

First, some providers are not always up-front about the costs involved, so make sure to discover what have to pay under the line. Second, if the provider extends its offering beyond e-invoicing, like a financial services platform. Third, explore whether this service is their core focus or whether they conveniently jumped on the e-invoicing bandwagon. Fourth, discover whether they see e-invoicing as the final goal or  whether they see it as an means to provide you with extra benefits like increased revenues and increased cash flows.

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