Bouwmaat follows essential innovation through e-billing

A few weeks ago the annual Dutch event S@les in de Bouw (S@les in the Construction Industry) took place. A very clear message emerged during this day: building companies have to become and stay innovative, otherwise they will not make it. Bouwmaat, a wholesaler of construction materials in the Netherlands, did not let this message fall on deaf ears. The company is now issuing its invoices through an e-Documents portal developed by Anachron.

Customer benefits

Bouwmaat’s customers can now view and download their e-invoices 24/7 in a Bouwmaat-branded web portal. The e-Invoice portal is available in multiple languages and is directly linked to Bouwmaat’s web shop. This enables customers to receive their e-invoices instantly after an order. Customers will receive a notification email as soon as the new electronic invoice is available. All e-invoices are automatically signed to guarantee the integrity and validity, and the online portal is directly connected to the network of Zet solutions and Basware.

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