E-invoicing automatically from your billing system. How it works and how much it costs

February 14, 2012  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Basware integrated e-invoice service enables 100% electronic invoicing through one single interface. You can now send e-invoices from any system that has the capability of saving invoice documents to disk.

Basware’s service converts your invoices to correct format and routes them directly to your customer’s preferred channel - straight to their invoice processing system or e-invoice service provider, or sends them as email attachments

You can integrate to Basware’s service with two different ways. You can install a client software for transferring e-invoices to our service. Optionally you may use FTP for data transfer. For further information please see the service description for Basware Business Transactions service.

The service will run automatically after the set-up. With our value-added services you can outsource also invoice printing, online archiving and digital signing of invoices to ensure legal compliance and integrity.

How much it costs

  • Set-up fee: € 1500
  • Monthly fee: € 1500 (Delivery Service)
  • Transaction fee: Delivery € 0,32 per message
  • Digital Signature: €  0,16 per message

Other services

You can check the e-mail e-invoicing service Basware here. Also check out their E-invoicing Interface Service and E-invoicing Virtual Printer Service.

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    Monthly fee is incorrect. Can you please change monthly fee to 100 euros. Thanks!

    Sami Nikula
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