eBillingHub partners with Innovation Software for state of the art legal e-billing

January 29, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Legal, North America

eBillingHub today announced a partnership with Innovation Software. The integration of the two systems should deliver a state of the art,  unified and cost-effective billing and collections solution for law firm clients. Innovation Software’s I4G 360° software now integrates with SaaS electronic billing solution by eBillingHub that automates and streamlines the e-billing process in a single portal.

How this all works

Innovation Software is a specialist in collection management software for legal and professional service firms. Over the past 10 years, UK-based Innovation Software has been the provider of revenue and collections management systems to 20 percent of the world’s leading law firms.

By securely extracting invoice status information from eBillingHub and automatically populating it into I4G 360°, firms can simplify and accelerate collections while better managing client relationships by efficiently tracking and resolving unresponsive accounts, ultimately improving their bottom lines.

Read more: eBillingHub and Innovation Software Partner to Streamline Receivables Management for Law Firms.

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