Delivered as a Web-based “SaaS” application with no hardware or software to purchase or install, eBillingHub configures quickly and easily for each of your clients and their e-billing vendors. Until eBillingHub, there has never been a more simple, cost-effective solution to help law firms deliver trouble-free electronic billing service to their clients while better managing receivables, reducing write-downs, and dramatically improving cash flow.


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December 2013

  1. eBillingHub Launches Benchmarking and AnalyticsTool for Law Firm Performance

    eBillingHub is a pioneer and leader in law firm e-billing and has just launched eBillingHub Intelligence: a free of charge tool for all eBillingHub customers that shows how a firm’s billing processes measure up to other firms. This makes it easy to identify where efficiencies and accuracies can be gained.

June 2013

  1. eBillingHub introduces tracking and tracing of PDF e-invoices

    The new functionality enables eBillingHub clients to further centralize their billing with the ability to send and track all PDF invoices within eBillingHub, as well as view and report on when the PDF invoices have been opened by the recipient. It is said to be a significant improvement in confidentiality and security over conventional email transmission of PDF invoices.

    eBillingHub users can immediately take advantage of the new PDF invoicing by following a familiar mapping process in the eBillingHub library. Once submitted through the Billing Wizard, recipients receive an email communication that allows them to view and save an invoice via a secure link. Every status of PDF invoices is tracked and displayed in eBillingHub.

January 2013

  1. eBillingHub partners with Innovation Software for state of the art legal e-billing

    eBillingHub today announced a partnership with Innovation Software. The integration of the two systems should deliver a state of the art, unified and cost-effective billing and collections solution for law firm clients. Innovation Software’s I4G 360° software now integrates with SaaS electronic billing solution by eBillingHub.

November 2012

  1. eBillingHub’s masterclass on legal e-billing

    Based on eBillingHub’s analysis, there is no indication that the complexity in legal e-billing is going away any time soon. Especially when clients are moving to e-billing faster with less preparation. What to do, what to do. Well, you could start by reading these five eBillingHub best practices.

September 2012

  1. Check your active invoices without needing to log in

    Law firms listen up, because we’ve got something interesting for you. And all you need is an internet connection. eBillingHub Invoice Status Web Service is an optimal enhanced integration tool that allows your IT department to access real-time information about your firm’s current active invoices, including the latest status.

August 2012

  1. New member for E-invoicing Platform: eBillingHub

    We are happy to announce that eBillingHub is the latest player in the field of e-invoicing to have joined the ranks of the E-invoicing Platform. eBillingHub is a pioneer and leader in e-billing with proven solutions that help law firms quickly and effectively respond to client demand for electronic invoicing.