New member for E-invoicing Platform: eBillingHub

We are happy to announce that eBillingHub is the latest player in the field of e-invoicing to have joined the ranks of the E-invoicing Platform. eBillingHub is a pioneer and leader in e-billing with proven solutions that help law firms quickly and effectively respond to client demand for electronic invoicing.

About eBillingHub’s products

With almost one hundred e-billing vendors for your clients to choose from—each with its own rules, formats, and protocols—it’s been impossible for your law firm to actually implement and operate an efficient and cost-effective electronic billing solution. Until now.

eBillingHub seamlessly integrates with your law firm billing software and is also fully compatible with your clients’ main e-billing vendors.

eBillingHub validates your e-bills against all LEDES standards, billing rules, and protocols established by your client and their e-billing vendor. It helps you find and fix errors prior to submission using friendly, English-speaking tools.

Then, eBillingHub gives you powerful invoice tracking and reporting capabilities that help you better manage your receivables, reduce write-downs, and dramatically improve your cash flow.

Because your clients receive fewer non-compliant invoices and can process questioned items more efficiently, you’ll be helping them—and your firm—finally achieve the efficiencies and savings promised by e-billing.

eBillingHub is a Web-based application that we will configure for your firm at no charge. We deliver it over the Internet as a fast, efficient, and secure service (Software as a Service, or “SaaS”). eBillingHub deploys quickly and easily, without the cost, overhead, maintenance, or hardware requirements of conventional software solutions.

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