15 Essential E-invoicing Questions to ask Yourself

Question 230x200E-invoicing is hot and promising. More and more organisations want to start sending or receiving e-invoices. The amount of ROI depends on 15 questions you should ask yourself before and while e-invoicing.

In this series you get the answer to these questions. Every week for the next 17 (or so) weeks a question will be answered. At the end of the series you will have a self-assessment tool and be able to pinpoint actions required to meet client requirements (and some of the fiscal requirements).

  1. Current EU E-invoicing basics: “How does the IRS currently approach e-invoicing?”
  2. The new EU Directive: “What will be different as from 1-1-2013?”
  3. Tax requirements: “What information must be part of an invoice?”
  4. The simple invoice: “What is a simplified invoice? When can I start using it?”
  5. Be clear and understandable: “Does my customer really understand my invoice?”
  6. Payment instructions: “Does my customer know how to pay my invoice?”
  7. Create your e-invoice: “What to look after when generating my e-invoice?”
  8. Issuing time: “How do I engage with my customers?”
  9. Receiving e-invoices: “An AR invoice has now become my AP invoice. Now what?”
  10. Verify your data: “How can I verify an electronic invoice?”
  11. Manage your master data: “What are master data and how do I manage them?”
  12. Let’s archive: “How do I prevent myself from getting digital Alzheimer’s?”
  13. Ensure controllability: “How do I stay in control?”
  14. Adoption tactics: “How do I achieve massive adoption?”
  15. Acquisition fraud: “Avoid paying fake invoices!”

E-invoicing Checklist

E-invoicing Toolbox

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