Supply Chain Solutions selects TIE Kinetix

September 26, 2012  |  Digitalisation

After a lengthy selection process, Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) decided to get into the VAN with TIE Kinetix. Supply Chain Solutions is a progressive-thinking supply chain management and improvement group headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Focused on delivering complete supply chain efficiency to its customers, Supply Chain Solution’s helps to control inbound inventory for its clients and to actively make their production schedules more efficient.

The challenge

In early 2007 SCS noticed many of its customers’ trading partners were taking advantage of the reducing cost of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. These same partners were starting to require the use of partner communications via EDI, as EDI is commonly bundled within these same ERP solutions.

SCS chose to handle many aspects of these EDI requirements themselves, but needed a proven VAN provider to remain compliant.

The Solution

SCS reviewed a number of VAN service providers, but found it packaged with other EDI related services. They needed a pure VAN service, with no excess baggage. No providers offered that, other than TIE Kinetix:

  • TIE Kinetix offers many flexible options for companies to manage their EDI and Business Integration needs via licensed based and managed service solutions.
  • TIE Kinetix also recognizes the need of some customers requiring only the VAN service without any other bundled services.
  • TIE Direct Connect Services is available for customers who would like to add a secure network (VAN) to their E-Commerce system or for those who wish to outsource their EDI/XML activities.
  • TIE has the flexibility to get companies connected to their partners in a way that suits their business best.

Currently, working with as many as 30 trading partners at different times, SCS relies on the TIE Direct Connect Services (VAN) to manage the flow of information, payments and shared value-added business processes throughout its global business partner community.

Next Steps

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