Voestalpine Railpro selects TIE Kinetix Business Integration Platform

February 9, 2009  |  Publications
TIE Holding N.V. (“TIE”) has announced that Voestalpine Railpro has selected the TIE Kinetix Business Integration Platform for the Computer to Computer Integration with its most important customers. 
With the selection of the TIE Kinetix Business Integration Platform, Voestalpine Railpro significantly improves the integration and establishes efficiency advantages in the processes of exchanging, processing and managing purchase orders and invoices with its most important customers in the rail construction and maintenance sector.

As Supply, Logistics en Service (SLS) manager, Voestalpine Railpro delivers an integrated total package for the Dutch railway. Railpro operates in the new development-, breakdown- and maintenance market. 

“In the railway sector, Business to Business integration and Computer-to-Computer Integration (CTCI) still is in one’s infancy.  When launching alike project, the commitment and partnership of the first customer, in this case Volker Rail, and the knowledge of the integration partner is vital. Voestalpine Railpro has found a solid partner in TIE at the start of this greenfield operation.”, says Wouter Lampe, Manager Marketing & Innovations of Voestalpine Railpro.

The solutions of TIE Kinetix improve the quality of the service and establish cost savings.

“TIE is looking forward to support Voestalpine Railpro with the introduction of Business Integration based on EDI in de railway construction and maintenance sector. EDI is new in this sector and Railpro can build on the knowledge and experience of TIE, obtained in other sectors. With this collaboration, TIE enters a new market, in which many potential customers can profit from the TIE solutions in combination with the GS1 standards.”, says Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE.

Source: Euronext

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