Omega Pharma selects EDI outsourcing by Seeburger

July 2, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

omega pharma 150x150 Omega Pharma selects EDI outsourcing by SeeburgerOmega Pharma opted for the EDI outsourcing solution because it requires no hardware or software expenditure. There is no need to invest in EDI expertise, since Seeburger’s specialists handle implementation and management of the exchange process from start to finish.

Seeburger’s interface provides support for the various file types used by Omega Pharma, and automatically converts them into EDI format. This lets Omega Pharma exchange data – such as invoices, orders, and order confirmations – simply and efficiently with customers, including Macro B.V. and Albert Heijn. Since a single method of operation is used and data can be entered uniformly, Omega Pharma achieves both and maintenance efficiencies. The digital connections also eliminate the chances of error, yielding cost savings.

Joris Kindt, SAP Manager at Omega Pharma: “We are currently exchanging 7,000 to 8,000 EDI messages a month, something that would have been impossible without the EDI outsourcing solution by Seeburger. Communication via the EDI solution runs very smoothly and meets our requirements fully. For this reason, we connect our existing customers to it as well as any prospect that needs it. EDI can be outsourced in a flexible and scalable way. This means the implementation and management can expand along with our customer base. By outsourcing EDI to Seeburger we can focus fully on our core business to become one of the leading players in the growing market for healthcare products.


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