Cloud-based interoperable e-billing system for Hungarian SMEs

June 14, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment  |  Comments Off

The ‘Easy Billing’ platform is an online billing platform for micro, small and medium enterprises. Besides facilitating the traditional paper-based billing, the software handles electronic billing, all with a free-of-charge e-bill receiving interface to every partner

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No e-invoicing roaming fees: Pagero launches uniform price guarantee

June 12, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment  |  Comments Off

Pagero decided to offer its customers a clear pricing structure, and introduced a price guarantee. The price guarantee implicates that Pagero will always charge the same transaction price for all e-invoices whether delivered directly or through another Service Provider. It should be a basic principle for all Service Providers

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Ouch! Bitten by a $143.000 hospital bill!

June 8, 2012  |  North America, Payment  |  Comments Off

America. Land of opportunity. Yes, the opportunity to get bitten by a rattlesnake and get a $143.000 hospital invoice to boot. Unfortunately Dag-Are Trydal wasn’t deterred by the loud shaking of the titular noisemaker at the end of the rattlesnake’s tail when he was making his way to his car at a parking lot. It crept up behind him and bit him in the foot

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Tradeshift and Taulia to bring Dynamic Discounting to the masses

June 1, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment  |  Comments Off

Tradeshift and Taulia announced a partnership that should bring dynamic discounting to the masses. They agreed that Tradeshift's enterprise customers can now integrate to SAP using Taulia's advanced connector. On the flip side, Taulia will launch its Dynamic Discounting application on the Tradeshift network for businesses of all sizes

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Can Instant Payments disrupt the banking industry?

May 31, 2012  |  Europe, North America, Payment  |  Comments Off

Waiting to get paid. This can take up to 90 days and SMEs get into trouble because of it. Why? They have to cough up the money to run their own business. And if they fail to do so they are forced to get credit from the bank, perhaps reduce their growth and even shut down their business entirely. Tradeshift’s solution to : Instant Payments

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6 US AP automation news bytes

May 30, 2012  |  Invoice Automation, North America, Payment  |  Comments Off

Many companies recently announced that they have selected a third party to automate their accounts payable process. Perceptive Software and University of Kansas; Icelandair Group and Brainware Distiller; Qualicaps and Esker; Birchstreet and Northwood Hospitality; Sears Canada and ADP; Concur and Brainware Distiller. Read the ins and outs here

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MyBank project makes pan-European transactions possible

May 25, 2012  |  Europe, Payment  |  Comments Off

Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible for individuals to sell and buy goods and services over the internet at a pan-European level? The new electronic payment solution MyBank turns this dream into a reality. The technical pilot phase of the MyBank project starts on June, 4

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Stop Hoarding your money, start with Dynamic Discounting

May 18, 2012  |  Credit Management, Payment  |  Comments Off

During tight times, the tendency for most organisations is to shore up costs and adopt a myopic approach to conducting business. This is not the way to prepare for, or pull through, a market slowdown. Companies bold enough to embrace such a creative approach can successfully navigate today’s rough waters...

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Together Tradeshift and INTTRA provide ocean freight e-invoicing

May 18, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, North America, Payment  |  Comments Off

INTTRA and Tradeshift have entered into a strategic alliance. Their goals is to enable ocean carriers and their customers to manage with a single connection ocean freight invoices, disputes and payments on a common platform

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E-Invoicing Adoption Benchmarking Report

May 15, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America, Payment, Research  |  Comments Off

Not surprisingly, they're achieving significant benefits, including payment cycles reduced to five days, (from 23), a 39 percent increase in on-time payments and a 63 percent reduction in lost paper invoices

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