Together Tradeshift and INTTRA provide ocean freight e-invoicing

INTTRA and Tradeshift have entered into a strategic alliance. Their goals is to enable ocean carriers and their customers to manage with a single connection ocean freight invoices, disputes and payments on a common platform.


INTTRA is one of the leading provider of e-commerce solutions for the ocean freight industry. The new INTTRA eInvoice services now provides ocean carriers and their customers with:

  • electronic invoice presentation,
  • automated matching of carrier invoices to estimates,
  • automated dispute management capabilities
    All features can be implemented in concert with any electronic invoicing and payment system

Comments from Tradeshift and INTTRA

  • Christian Lanng, Tradeshift co-founder and CEO:

    “Tradeshift brings affordable e-invoicing to companies by consolidating all their suppliers onto a single network in the cloud.”

    “Our alliance with INTTRA brings an integrated electronic invoicing solution to ocean freight carriers, forwarders, and shippers that enables them to implement effective and efficient electronic invoicing across their entire organization. It provides for the complex ocean-specific invoicing and electronic dispute management that they require.”
  • Ken Bloom, CEO of INTTRA:

    “We are pleased Tradeshift is the first enterprise electronic invoicing solution to be integrated with INTTRA, and welcome them to our network of alliance partners.”

    “Tradeshift and INTTRA have indeed answered the call for enterprise-wide electronic invoicing for all their customers while supporting the operational needs for detailed ocean-specific invoice information,”

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