Tradeshift and Taulia to bring Dynamic Discounting to the masses

June 1, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment

Tradeshift and Taulia announced a partnership that should bring dynamic discounting to the masses. They agreed that Tradeshift’s enterprise customers can now integrate to SAP using Taulia’s advanced connector. On the flip side, Taulia will launch its Dynamic Discounting application on the Tradeshift network for businesses of all sizes.

How this works

Thanks to this partnership:

  • Tradeshift enterprise customers can manage e-invoicing and dynamic discounting through a single, integrated platform.( Dynamic discounting: Dynamic discounting gives buyers the ability to generate excess returns on available cash, while suppliers can optimize their own cash flow.)
  • Buyers can receive e-invoices directly through their own SAP® ERP system, using Taulia’s certified SAP® add-on with no additional integration required.
  • In addition, buyers can define their own dynamic discounting terms using the familiar SAP® interface.

Or as Christian Lanng puts it: “In a true partnership Tradeshift’s enterprise customers will be able to integrate to SAP with Taulia’s advanced connector. In addition, Taulia has launched its Dynamic Discounting app onto the Tradeshift Network. Together we are removing barriers from the supplier side. We have made e-invoicing free to them and are providing choices to help optimize work capital.  We are bringing our supplier side solutions and Taulia’s revolutionary dynamic discounting directly to SAP customers. This is value, in the truest sense of the word, for both suppliers and buyers. This is the future of our industry.

Comments from Tradeshift and Taulia

  • Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift, says:
    “The Tradeshift network already offers enormous value to our users but, as we see more third parties and partners creating apps, this is expanding exponentially. Invoicing is just the start of what’s possible when all businesses connect in this way, creating a better way to do business for everyone involved.”
  • Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia:
    “This alliance with Tradeshift is exciting, as it brings their excellent supplier facing solutions, as well as our best-in-class dynamic discounting right into SAP, and allows a richer, real, right-now solution for SAP users while extending savings and benefits to Tradeshift’s customer network.”

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