We introduce to you: Comarch! The latest sponsor of the E-invoicing Platform

We introduce to you: Comarch! The latest sponsor of the E-invoicing Platform

We are glad that we can introduce to the E-invoicing Platform our latest sponsor: Comarch. Comarch is a global powerhouse specialised in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT services and software. The company’s solutions are specialised for real-time loyalty, customer engagement and BSS/OSS.

Comarch EDI e-Invoicing

Comarch’s unique, transactional-based approach to engagement not only collects customer data from emerging channels such as social and mobile, but it also converts that data into purchases – providing comprehensive metrics throughout the process.

Comarch EDI e-Invoicing ensures compliance of the exchange of e-invoices in accordance with the law. Comarch is a member EESPA (European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association) and actively participates in the National Multilateral Forum for Electronic Invoicing.

Key characteristics

Purchase invoices:

  • Launch of e-invoicing with all business partners (including Web-EDI, integration)
  • Validation of business and legal data in e-invoices
  • Translating EDI e-invoices formats required by the format required by your business’s system (e.g. EDIFACT, XML, IDOC)
  • Support for e-invoice PDF with / without digital signature
  • Multiple accounting documents (e.g. invoices, invoice adjustments, discount, marketing, accounting notes)
  • Integration with Comarch ECM – processing all types of invoices

Sales invoices:

  • Launch of e-invoicing with all business partners - distribution through various channels (e.g. integration, portal, Web-EDI, e-mail, mail)
  • Best practices for on-boarding your customers
  • Adjust the format of invoices to the needs of the business partner (e.g. EDIFACT, XML, IDOC)
  • Comarch EDI e-Sign
  • The translation of EDI invoices to PDF
  • Signing invoices for electronic signature (also on behalf of your company)
  • Delivery of invoices (e-mail or portal)
  • Access to current processing status of your e-invoices

Archiving - Comarch EDI Archive:

  • Archiving of AP and AR in one place
  • Web application with a friendly interface
  • Quick search of archived e-invoices
  • Different levels of authorization for the access to  documents
  • Preview of the operations performed on the document
  • Preview to a readable version of an e-invoice
  • History of statuses
  • Adding comments to invoices
  • Saving the file and printing
  • Ability to create access for inspecting bodies

Comarch Accounts Payable - ECM

Comarch Accounts Payable allows to redesign, streamline and automate the processing of cost documents. The solution eliminates additive inefficiency by automated data capture from multi-channel (paper, email, OCR, EDI), electronic routing, passing collected data through the process, integration with your ERPs solutions.

Use of the process engine accelerates the acceptance of documents and collects data entered at every stage of the process. Thanks to this, the accounting staff can focus solely on verification of the entered assignment.

Comarch ECM particularly together with Comarch EDI e-Invoicing (Electronic Data Interchange) helps to optimize accounting shared service centres within corporate groups with a large volume of transactions and integrations with multiple ERP systems.

Find out how Comarch Accounts Payable can boost financial performance and profitability at www.ecm.comarch.com


  • electronic archive for all cost documents
  • multiple sources of document input (fax, email, scan, upload)
  • text recognition and automatic indexing (OCR with a learning engine)
  • electronic Document Workflow
  • business Dictionaries
  • monitoring of deadlines and e-mail notifications
  • integration with internal and external business systems (ERP, EDI, Active Directory)

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