[UPDATE] Global science-based company picks Tradeshift

We have a rule here at the E-invoicing Platform: don’t post articles on nameless customer cases. It is very important to us that the quality of the news on our platform stays high. And we can’t guarantee this of we can’t verify the content of press releases. But we’re happy to make an exception for Tradeshift; they have signed a deal with a global science-based company. Major deals like these show that their proposition really stands up, as Tradeshift’s chief executive officer Christian Lanng put it.

Tradeshift stands out from the crowd

Tradeshift will be used to roll out an all-inclusive e-invoicing solution to the company’s 36.000 global suppliers with an invoice volume of over 600.000 per year. Tradeshift was the only solution that could demonstrate significant onboarding uplift by engaging with both the company’s large and small suppliers. The Tradeshift platform also makes use of dynamic validation and automatching to improve the quality of invoice data that is received, thereby reducing processing resources. Congratulations on this deal guys and girls at Tradeshift!

[UPDATE] Yet another nameless global company joins Tradeshift

Tradeshift is keeping things vague, because Christian Lanng announced yesterday that “a leading strategic outsourcing and energy services company has chosen to implement Tradeshift as their business network and e-invoicing solution”. How mysterious. Psst, hey, sources say the new customer is Mitie. But let’s keep it between us, okay?

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