7 submissions that didn’t survive our LinkedIN group cut

Every day we run through hundreds and hundreds of news item related to e-invoicing, ebilling, AP automation, standardisation, payment, e-procurement, and so on.  Only one or two are good enough for us to get published on our website.

The same goes for new post submissions in our E-invoicing Linkedin Group. Just like the news items, only a handful submissions contains enough “thought leadership” to get approval.

This is mainly because the submissions have to do what our LinkedIN group is meant for: spark discussions, ask questions, enable the conversation and to create long-term interaction with customers and prospects.  That is why we we created some group rules.

Our Group Rules

These are our group rules. They are mainly about preventing spam from entering the discussion area.

  1. You take full responsibility for your own actions and comments
  2. Be nice to other members and behave with dignity and decorum at all times
  3. Do not break copyright
  4. Do not give away trade secrets or pass off others words and ideas as your own
  5. Do not use the group to attempt to promote or sell (your) services and products
  6. Always add a description that sparks a discussion, interaction, conversation or comments
  7. We can suspend your membership and delete your postings if you break the rules
  8. We can re-use your postings if we like them
  9. We can change the rules
  10. We do not endorse your comments
  11. Do not use this group to promote or sell another LinkedIN group
  12. We don’t have to let you in

4 post submissions that will never survive the cut

Underneath are examples of posts that won’t make it past our moderation screen.


Attempt to promote services and products


Irrelevant content



Promoting your own LinkedIN group



Referral to another website. No spark for discussion

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